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Early walks

June 2002, Vancouver, Canada

What the heck! I decided to return some overdue videos back to my local Blockbusters naked, to test the reaction of the public. On the way a woman stopped in her car to ask what I was doing. When I told her, she replied in typical west-coast style: "on yer go!", or is that Scottish? Anyway, she wasn't put out.

September 2002, Eastleigh

After returning from Vancouver to UK, I walked through my home town in September (I think) 2002 and was arrested (home town being Eastleigh). Went to court in November and was given a fine of 300 pounds - which I haven't paid and don't intend to. I bought a campervan with the intention of it doubling up as a support vehicle for the walk from Land's End to John o'Groats that I now planned to do with two other people who said they were up for it but later dropped out. So in the end it was going to be just me if my actions were going to match my words again.

Compiled from:

  • Stephen's own words (from letters to me)

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