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Sunbathing Score

Counting days with some nude sunbathing or a naturist event. 
2007 was a bit of a rotten summer, with lots of rain in May, June and July. I managed only 31 days of full sun exposure, mostly in the garden, between 2007-04-21 and 2007-10-20; this was enough to go a light golden colour. On the wrong side of the equinoxes there is little choice of spot; the sun may be warm enough but very little of it makes it to ground level and only an hour or two is possible. Also after October all the natural screening falls off. Days in each month in 2007 were:  Apr-2; Jun-3; Jul-6; Aug-11; Sep-7; Oct-2. Tot-31.
2008 started well with the first sunbathing day on 2008-01-27 but it wasn't a very good summer. The year finished with a few minutes around noon on the shortest day. Days in each month in 2008 were: Jan-1; Feb-2; Mar-2; Apr-4; May-15; Jun-8; Jul-15; Aug-11; Sep-9; Oct-4; Dec-1. Tot-72.
Early 2009 was freezing, with much snow in February. First sunbathing day was 2009-02-20. Days in each month in 2009 were: Feb-2; Mar-5; Apr-10; May-17; Jun-12; Jul-11; Aug-10; Sep-10; Oct-5; Nov-3. Tot-85.
Late 2009 and the first 2 months of 2010 were cold with lots of snow; there was a 111-day gap with no time in the sun at all. Days in each month in 2010 were: Mar-3; Apr-10; May-18; Jun-25; Jul-19; Aug-17; Sep-9; Oct-7; Nov-1. Tot-109.
Dec 2010 had lots of snow; 2011 started dull and mild; the gap was 97 days. Days in each month in 2011 were: Feb-2; Mar-6; Apr-15; May-17; Jun-15; Jul-17; Aug-12; Sep-14; Oct-8; Nov-4. Tot-110.
2012 started with a little weeding in the sun on 2012-01-02. March was warm and sunny; April, May and June cold and wet. Days in each month were: Jan-1; Feb-1; Mar-9; Apr-6; May-15; Jun-16; Jul-18; Aug-16; Sep-9; Oct-3; Nov-2. Tot-96.
Spring 2013 was awful, with a 48-day gap between February and April. Days in each month were: Feb-1; Apr-3; May-9; Jun-16; Jul-23; Aug-15; Sep-10; Oct-5; Nov-3. Tot-85.

Winter 2014 was mild and very wet, but 2014-01-19 saw warm sunshine. Days in each month were: Jan-1; Feb-1; Mar-7; Apr-8; May-14; Jun-18; Jul-17; Aug-13; Sep-9; Oct-7; Nov-4. Tot-99.
2015 took a long time to get going, the first day was 2015-03-07. By the end of October it was only 71 days, despite 24 days at naturist clubs or events. Days in each month were: Mar-1; Apr-5; May-11; Jun-10; Jul-16; Aug-14; Sep-9; Oct-5; Nov-4. Tot-75
A slow start to 2016, a few minutes at Spielplatz in March but the first garden not until 2016-04-02. Now I'm retired, there should be many more opportunities this year. Jan-1; Mar-1; Apr-10; May-19; Jun-25; Jul-31; Aug-28; Sep-23; Oct-17; Nov-6; Dec-2. Tot-163.

A sunny day in early February started off 2017. Feb-6; Mar-10; Apr-17; May-21; Jun-27; Jul-29; Aug-27; Sep-25; Oct-13; Nov-9; Dec-1. Tot-185.
75 days without any proper sun, then first time in mid-Feb 2018. Feb-3; Mar-2; Apr-9; May-23; Jun-27; Jul-30; Aug-26; Sep-26; Oct-15; Nov-13; Dec-3. Tot-177.
2019 started with an unusually warm day in January. Jan-2. Tot-2.

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