French Alps



alps slopes


On the path up from sous l'Aiguille, this is the point where you first emerge from the trees, the cool of the morning is replaced by the warmth of the sun, and you can see the peaks ahead.


alps meadow


Further up the path, looking back into the valley, approx N45.81789 E6.41384. An unsightly wire fence has been inexpertly removed.


alps stream


A little way from la Gutary, down track 38, which follows the mountain stream Fier before turning up into the mountains. A temptingly accesible rock in the stream.


A few souvenir shots from a week in a rented chalet in the Manigod area of the French Alps. The chalet itself was superb, and as an unexpected bonus the garden might have been designed for discreet sunbathing, with a hedge of just the right height, and slopes and bushes that gave shelter and sun from surise to sunset.

The mountain paths were almost deserted, lending several opportunities for nudism in beautiful surroundings, and the early September weather was superb.




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