Why underwear?

Reasons for wearing underwear:

  1. Warmth

    More layers for more warmth. Thermal underwear under unseasonal outfit, such as a uniform.

  2. Support

    Bras obviously. It's not always comfortable for men to dangle, eg into close-fitting jeans, or when running; hence supportive underwear and jock-straps.

  3. Protection from chafing

    Silk against the skin is a lot more comfortable than denim, for example.

  4. Enhancement of appearance

    Well, if you know you're going to be stripping for someone, you dress to excite.

  5. Protection of expensive or delicate outerwear

    Knickers are designed for frequent washing and to take the odd drips and smears.

  6. Protection from accidental exposure

    Varying from the intended display under a mini-skirt to fear of what would be revealed in the event of a zip breaking, or being knocked down by a bus. I suppose this might be one of the more commonly-voiced reasons.

  7. Private rebellion

    The wearing of exotic underwear under an enforced dress code, as a mark of individuality or rebellion.

  8. Symbolism

    No examples for this, but I'd bet there's a religion or secret society out there that requires its members to wear special pants. Maybe made of horsehair, or with sharp points, or black spots.

  9. Convention

    The number one reason. Everyone else does. Or I assume that they do. They do, don't they?


And while we're around the subject of wearing clothes intended not to be seen:

Why nightwear?

  1. Someone might come in

    If someone wanders unannounced into your bedroom and sees you naked that's your problem and not theirs?

  2. There might be a fire

    It's so important not to be seen naked, that precautions must be taken even against the very unlikely occurrence of a fire from which it is possible to escape, but only by being so quick that it's not possible to grab any clothing at all. The possibility of the nightware catching fire and making escape more difficult is not considered important.

  3. It's cold

    Put on another blanket.

  4. It's not decent to sleep nude

    It might feel sexy and we wouldn't want that, would we?

  5. It will make the sheets dirty

    How often do you wash the sheets? And your nightwear?

  6. Convention

    The number one reason. Everyone else does. Or I assume that they do. They do, don't they?

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